Milk life

If you didn’t already know through all of the buzz in the media, the “Got Milk?” campaign is done and has been replaced with a new slogan: “Milk Life”.

The goal of the campaign is to emphasize milk’s nutritional benefits – specifically protein.

While this Ad Age article does a great job at thoroughly explaining the Milk Processor Education Program’s decision to change their tagline (protein intake is becoming more important to consumers combined with low awareness abmilk life adout milk’s protein value), the reason is quite simple to those of us with a marketing mindset:

You need to switch up & change your creative every now and again in order to keep your audience’s attention. 

According to the article, the national milk industry had been using the “Got Milk?” tagline since 1995!

After seeing one of the first “Milk Life” ads to circulate on the web, I’m convinced that the campaign will be a big success.

It’s fresh, creative and informative – most importantly, it finds a new and different way to resonate with the audience, using information rather than humor.

What do you think?

Are you a fan of the new campaign?

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