Podcasts for marketers

I love podcasts.

Podcasts are tied with Twitter as my favorite source for new information.


I am more knowledgable of industry changes because of the tools and takeaways I have gotten from my favorite podcasts, including:

  1. The Social Media Examiner Show: This podcast is great for those working in social media. Learn about best practices for paid advertising on Pinterest, or how you can leverage a new tool within LinkedIn. Discover quick, actionable tips for improving your presence on social media. The episodes are diverse in content, short in length (no longer than 10 minutes) and super digestible, so it is a great podcast to incorporate into your daily routine.
  2. Write With Impact: This podcast, geared towards writers and content creators, has expanded my expertise in content marketing. Hosted by the writer and digital entrepreneur, Glenn Leibowitz, Write With Impact features tips, resources and strategies that writers can use to improve their skills, build an audience and have an impact. Learn how to build a story board, enhance your blogging and/or improve your rankings as an author on Amazon. Leibowitz features successful, best-selling writers, bloggers, journalists and podcasters who share their experience, knowledge and productivity hacks for self-publishing, audience-building and content marketing.
  3. The Unmistakable Creative: This podcast, hosted by Srinivas Rao, features a wide variety of individuals – all remarkable. From artists, to catroonists to psychologists, this podcast uncovers their stories and experiences. Srinivas is unmatched in his ability to put guests at ease which makes for incredibly personal conversations. Uplifting and informative, this podcast always leaves me feeling empowered and inspired.
  4. The Craft of Marketing: This podcast is filled with takeaways for marketers. Seth Price does a fantastic job at featuring industry experts who provide insights, hacks and tips. The Craft of Marketing is a great source of information, strategies, tools and ideas for creatives, marketers and entrepreneurs.

Do you listen to podcasts? What type of podcasts do you most enjoy listening to?

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