Using social media to strengthen SEO

Did you know that a strong presence on social media can strengthen your search engine optimization (SEO)?

Did you know that a highly engaged audience on social media can boost your rankings on search engines?

Having a strong social presence will complement your SEO efforts because social media links are regarded by search engines as high quality, therefore they rank higher.

blogBelow are a few ways you can use social media to strengthen your SEO:

  • Include links to your website on every social media profile: By linking to your website on each of your social media profiles, you will increase clicks to your site and boost your rankings across search engines. It will also help further establish your brand identity.
  • Attract real followers: Getting real people to like and follow you on social media will help your rankings because pages with high quality followers rank better in search engines. It is important to focus on the quality vs. quantity of your followers, because the quality is what drives SEO.
  • Generate engagement: Pages with a highly engaged audience will rank better on search, so encourage your fans to interact with you on social media by asking your audience questions and posting deals and/or photos they can tag themselves in. Similarly, reviews on Facebook and/or Google+ positively impact where you show up in search engine result pages (SERPs).
  • Use keywords: Using keywords is a simple and easy way to improve your SEO. Keywords should be used in every blog post and included in your social media bios. You should also use keywords in the content you post on social media whenever possible.

 How have you used social media to improve your SEO?

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