Why Sweating Helps You Slay The Day: The Best ToneItUp Workout

I recently did the ToneItUp Yoga Booty Workout and man is it a good one!

While I’m not a member of the ToneItUp community, my girlfriend Jen is and she loves it.

We both love to start our day with exercise to get those natural endorphins, so we figured we’d show you the workout that we did together.

We went to the atrium of 500 Seneca to do our Yoga Booty Workout and it was an absolute blast!

Yoga Booty Workout:

What’s nice about ToneItUp is that the workouts are made for people who work from home. It’s super easy to stay fit without having to pay for a gym membership thanks to the platform.

The community is supportive and positive; they encourage pushing and loving your body which is huge.

As a Type A personality, I know how difficult it can be to *not* push myself past my limits when doing new forms of exercise. 

Whenever you’re working out, it’s important to recognize what your boundaries are so you don’t push past them and cause injury.

That’s why, in the vlog, Jen and I show a few ways to modify the different exercises in the Yoga Booty workout so that you don’t push yourself too far.

The workout is broken into two flows, both with different exercises and intensities.

As you go through the moves, the intensity increases making it a really great cardio workout.

The workout ends with a beautiful message of inspiration, positivity, and empowerment.

The Mental Health Impact:

At the end of the day, it’s important to realize that everything is a work-in-progress – even exercise.

Nobody nails a new workout the first time they do it; it takes practice.

With every new exercise you do, you learn about your body and your limitations.

You learn what you love and what feels good. All the same, you learn what your body doesn’t like.

Learning to listen to the signs your body is giving you during a workout is critical if you want to avoid injury. 

The goal is to get stronger, so start small and be consistent. Slow and steady wins the race, babes!

Not to mention, exercise plays a major role in your mental health.

Working out serves to decrease my anxiety, increase my mental clarity and my confidence.

Exercise improves my mental fitness; it’s a huge reason why I prioritize physical fitness every day.

Through our passion project Socialmerk, Jen and I are looking to create a community of people that are supporting and empowering each other about both physical and mental health.

What is your favorite exercise?

Share it in the comments below!

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