The dip

“Don’t do something that doesn’t have a dip,” was one of the first pieces of advice that Seth gave me and my fellow Ruckusmakers.

With any work that is truly great, truly remarkable, there’s always a dip involved – a low point that you have to work through.  

“If it doesn’t have a dip, it’s not worthwhile. If it didn’t have a dip, everyone would do it and then it would no longer be something remarkable,” Seth remarked.

seth2The thing worth reflecting on is whether or not you have the interest; the passion; the drive to go through the dip.

“You need to experience the dip to show yourself that it won’t kill you,” said Seth.

I couldn’t agree more.

It’s important to remind ourselves that failure and hardships won’t kill us. 

In fact, going through the dip make us stronger and more prepared to deal with the next dip we will inevitably experience at some point in our lives.

“It’s a lie to tell yourself that you have one true calling that you were born to do,” Seth said. “If it doesn’t work, if you don’t want to go through this dip, pick a new one!” 

While I don’t know what dips are in store for me, I do know that I am going to do my best to follow Seth’s advice to “dance with the tension.”


Because there’s always tension involved in doing something that’s real. 

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