How technology is changing social media

Do you feel like social media is changing daily? How is technology playing a role in changing social media?

Technology is changing social media because it’s opening up doors and creating opportunities.

Technology is changing social media because it’s moving fast.

When it comes to the rate of change in technology, we can see how it directly impacts how social media platforms are evolving.

With technology becoming more mobile-driven and personal, we’re seeing that same trend in social media platforms.

For instance, live video is *the* thing in social media.

Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and Twitter all have live video functionality. But, without the technology that enabled us to go live on our devices, this would never have become a social media trend.

Understanding the role of technology:

As technology becomes more mobile-friendly and personal, we’ll see social media channels introduce more features and functionality to take advantage of that.

For instance, we’re seeing more applications pop up every day that incorporates VR and augmented reality.

Remember Pokemon Go? 

Technology doesn’t just drive the creation of new applications and features inside of social media, it impacts our engagement behavior.

Thanks to technology, we are:

  • More distracted: it’s a lot harder to capture people’s attention on Facebook today than it was even two years ago. You need to be MORE creative in order to capture the same amount of attention.
  • Smarter: we know more now than we used to, meaning we have higher expectations for what is “valuable.” If you want to wow us with your knowledge, you’d better be entertaining because we have endless sources of information to get the answer from.
  • In control: with so many social media platforms, WE decide what is the best content for what channel. With so many options for where to consume content, WE decide where we’ll spend our time. Don’t forget that you get to decide where and what you post to each of your platforms. Remember: content is consumed differently on different channels, so treat each channel uniquely!

Remember that consumers’ ability to consume content in finite! 

Your goal as the marketer is to utilize technology to think outside of the box and provide more creative content to your fans.

Your goal is to find fun ways to entertain, inspire and engage your fans!

Aim to capture attention first, solve problems for your fans, showcase your credibility and drive them to continue the conversation with you! 

What do you think? What role do you think technology plays in social media?

Share your thoughts below!

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