Why you need to treat each social media channel uniquely

Are you struggling to gain traction on social media? Are you posting different content to each social media channel?

In order to see success on social, you need to treat each social media channel uniquely.

Each social media channel is different, with its own features and functionality.

Twitter, a platform perfect for real-time news and politics, is very different from Instagram. Instagram, a platform dominated by high-quality visuals, is very different from YouTube. YouTube, a video platform, is different from Pinterest.

Growing a loyal following across social media comes down to implementing a creative, customized strategy for each channel. 

It means you can’t post the same content to every single channel.

Getting started:

Not treating each channel uniquely is the biggest mistake I see businesses make on social media.

When you post the same content to each channel, you look boring and stale.

Your social media presence is way more interesting and engaging when you’ve got different things going on different channels.

This makes things fun for your fans — they know they’re going to get something different everywhere.

What’s important is to ensure that you stay focused on the same topic/theme across your channels; this is important to building your thought-leadership in that space. 

However, you don’t want to lack creativity in your content execution.

What works on YouTube isn’t going to work on Facebook.

And that’s a GOOD thing – because it makes it fun!

Keep your fans interested and engaged by focusing on the content that works on each specific channel.

Most importantly, give your fans a reason to follow you across all of your channels by providing different value on each platform. 

If you want to keep people engaged across your channels, you’ve gotta give them something different in each place.

What do you think? Do you agree with this social media strategy?

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