10 Twitter tips for small businesses

Are you using Twitter as part of your social media marketing strategy?

For years now, Twitter has become my go-to source for world news, industry information and trending topics.

Not only have I used Twitter to create a loyal following, I have leveraged the platform to build and strengthen relationships with online influencers and industry experts.

Below are some Twitter tips for small businesses looking to get started on the platform:

  1. Professional profile: The best looking profiles include high quality, branded profile and cover photos. Go the extra mile to make your profile professional by including keywords that are relevant to your industry; this will help people find you when they search within Twitter.
  2. Daily engagement: Don’t just set up a profile and walk away. Be sure to spend time on the platform daily. Create and share valuable content and engage with your audience by replying and/or retweeting them.
  3. Repurpose: Since 92% of retweets happen in the first hour, be sure to repurpose your content. There’s a good chance (like 90+%) that your followers don’t see your content the first time you share it. Maximize the chance that they’ll find it by repurposing it across the platform throughout the week. Test out different times and different days of the week to see if there’s a “sweet spot” for when to post.
  4. Tiny tweets: If you want to increase your engagement on Twitter, leave some room if your tweets for people to comment and reply. When you use all 140 characters, you don’t give room for others to modify or amend the tweet. Try to limit your tweets to 110-120 characters to give people the opportunity to add their own comment to the content.
  5. Include CTAs: In order to use Twitter as a vehicle for driving traffic to your website, you need to be prescriptive. Tell people exactly what you want them to do by including a clear call to action at the end of your tweet.
  6. Share your freebies: If you want to build a loyal, engaged audience, give things away. Have a free guide on your website? Share the link through Twitter! Show your fans that you’re someone who gives valuable content away.
  7. Curate content: Your tweets shouldn’t be all about you all of the time. Nobody likes someone who only talks about themselves. Strike a balance between sharing your own content vs that of others by sharing interesting articles and resources you find. Sharing high quality content, created by a variety of sources, is how to become someone of value on social media.
  8. Please with photos: Social media is visual, so please your audience by using photos in your tweets when appropriate and relevant. Tweets with images get 18% higher click-throughs an 89% more favorites, so definitely be sure to include photos as a part of your content mix.
  9. Pin to promote: Have a special deal or offering that you want to promote for a set time period? Put out a tweet driving people to the offering and pin that tweet to the top of your profile. This way, that tweet is the first anyone who visits your profile will see.
  10. Build a network: Use hashtags to build a network of people that are interested in similar topics. Searching hashtags is a great way to find people who you can learn from. Similarly, it’s the perfect way to find a group of people that you can help and inspire through your content.

When it comes to social media, bravery beats.

Don’t wait to see what your competitors are doing; take action today.

The 10 tips above represent an eclectic mix of proven tactics that will help any small business get started with success on Twitter. 

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