How to use the Instagram Carousel

Is Instagram one of your major social media channels? Do you know how to use the Instagram Carousel?

If you’re not yet using Instagram as a major part of your social media strategy, it’s time to start.

With 500+ million active users, Instagram is a popular, powerful social media site for individuals and businesses alike.

Thanks to Instagram ads and Stories, the channel only seems to be growing in both features and functionality.

With the launch of the Carousel, there are even more ways for you to set yourself apart on the platform and drive engagement.

How to use the Instagram Carousel:

Unlike executing ads, posting a Carousel is easy.

Instagram helps make Carousel posts stand out in your profile by using a little icon located at the top-right of the photo.

If you see a little square icon on the top-right of someone’s post, you know it’s a Carousel – meaning, they’ve added more than one image.

Using the Carousel functionality on Instagram is easy and effective in driving more engagement.

Watch my video below to learn how to get started with an Instagram Carousel!

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