Why websites are the best brand-building tool

When it comes to brand-building, websites are the most powerful tool you can have.

Without a website, you’re relying on email, social media and other forms of marketing to build your brand.

Can those methods alone be effective? Sure; but I don’t recommend it.

Investing in your brand:

Don’t get me wrong, a website is a MAJOR investment of both time and money.

A good website isn’t cheap to build; it’s also not a simple thing to manage and maintain.

However, a website is critical in today’s technology driven age because here’s the thing about it: it’s the one marketing platform that you completely own.

There are a few major reasons why having a website can be beneficial to your brand.

Breaking it down:

Websites help you establish credibility.

When growing your brand, you’ll benefit from having a website that you can direct people to learn more about you, what you do and why you do it.

When someone is looking to learn more about you, they’ll likely Google your name. If your website is the first thing that pops up, you automatically set yourself apart.

Your website serves as a one-stop shop for people to learn about, and connect with, you. 

It’s also the place that you can best build brand awareness, as you have complete control over your site.

I use WordPress (which I LOVE,) because it lets me customize everything – from the images to the graphics, to the pop-ups shown, to the colors and buttons.

I control the entire experience, which helps me ensure my brand is reflected in the best way possible.

My website is the one place where I share everything I’ve got going on – from videos to blog posts to my free social media starter guide

When it comes down to it, I think that websites and strong social profiles are the 1-2 punch you need to build an epic brand.

Want to learn more?

Watch the video below to learn more and help you start brainstorming about how you can build a site that lets you get real and raw with your audience, in order to build relationships!

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