Why You Should Pre-Schedule Your Social Media Content

Do you take time to pre-schedule and plan out your social media content?

If you’re not taking the time to plan ahead, it’s hard to succeed on social media.

You know by now that I swear by the power and importance of consistency.

If you want to grow a loyal audience on social media, you have to show up consistently.

It’s not enough to just post haphazardly, cross your fingers and hope that people see your content.

If you want to drive engagement and deliver value through social media, you have to show up regularly for your fans. 

That’s the key to growing a loyal audience.

Growing an audience:

A loyal audience comes when you deliver value, show up consistently and are authentic.

If you want to grow an audience, you have to be organized. You need to plan ahead.

You want to communicate to your audience where, when and what to expect from you on social media. 

That is why I stress the importance of pre-scheduling your content.

When you plan ahead, you set the expectation with your audience.

It’s the reason why I am diligent about doing a weekly live video on Periscope and publishing a new video to my YouTube channel every Wednesday, and why I post a new blog to my site every Monday.

I want you guys to know when to expect new content from me.

It allows me to establish trust with my audience.

Why you should pre-schedule:

Pre-scheduling your content allows you to stay consistent in your posting.

However, you don’t just want to set it and forget it.

Social media content is strongest when it is timely and topical, and that is the real reason why I encourage you to pre-schedule!

By setting aside time at the start of the week to craft and plan your content, you save time later on.

It frees up your time for real-time engagement and creative content ideation throughout the rest of the week.

By having pre-scheduled content already there, it’s easy for you to think up fresh content and post it day-of and simply move the content that was scheduled to a later date.

Doing this allows you to stay timely and topical on social media, which is what will drive the most engagement. 

It’s really all about driving engagement!

What do you think? Do you pre-schedule your social media content?

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