Using social media to drive traffic to your blog

Are you looking to drive more traffic to your blog? Are you using social media as an avenue for promotion?

A great way to expand the reach of your blog content is to share it across all of your social media networks.

Regardless of what channels you are on, there are some standard best practices that you can apply to spread the word about your blog on social media:

  1. Share the link: LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook all let you make status updates with links. Post the link from your blog post and pair it with a status that serves to drive interest; questions are a great way to do this!
  2. Use photos: Since photos are popular across all social platforms (Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest, and Twitter,) creating a visual representation of your blog content is a great way to drive impressions. Share the photo (or multiple photos) across all social networks along with the title of the article and the link to drive people to it.
  3. Video: Since Facebook’s algorithm prioritizes video, and Twitter and Instagram are video friendly too, this is a great way to create an engaging, personal call to action to incentivize your readers to click the link to your blog. *Note: if you’re sharing video on Facebook, be sure to upload a snippet as a native Facebook video to improve it’s performance and add a call to action.

Now, let’s dive in to a few ideas that are specific to different social platforms:

  • Facebook Notes: Facebook notes, when published, appear in the Newsfeed in an attractive format that will draw attention. Be sure to add a cover photo, and even link to the original post at the end of the note!
  • LinkedIn Publisher: Utilize LinkedIn Publisher just as you would Facebook notes to generate extra awareness for your blog post. Be sure to add a cover photo and link to the original post. Also, don’t forget to add three keywords at the bottom of the post; this will help your post be found by other LinkedIn users. *Note: it’s best to wait two weeks after the original publish date of your blog so that Google doesn’t mark it as duplicate content. 

Have you used any of the tools or tactics mentioned below? Have they been successful in driving increased traffic and awareness to your blog content?

Comment below! 

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