Carousel ads: creative storytelling through Facebook

Do you use Facebook ads for your small business?

Facebook is constantly changing their paid advertising rules, restrictions and options for businesses.

In order to help you save time and money, I have detailed some of the newer changes to Facebook Ads that small businesses need to know.

I encourage you to check out the following:

Call Now button:

This is a big benefit for local businesses that allows customers to call you directly from your ad! It allows people to convert directly from the ad without having to visit your website for your phone number.

Carousel Ads:

Allows you to display multiple images, calls to actions and links within one ad campaign.

Given our tendency to swipe on a mobile device, carousel ads are an intuitive ad format that typically lead to higher conversions and click rates.

Carousel ads are a creative way to tell stories through advertisements.

How to tell stories through Carousel Ads:

To tell a story through Carousel ads, you have to start with a high-quality, eye-catching image that grabs people’s attention. Pair that with a strong, compelling call to action and you’re on the way to creating a powerful campaign.

You want your photos to make sense on their own and be intriguing. You also want to be sure that your photos make sense as you scroll through the order you placed them.

The order of events is critical; you want to have a natural, intuitive sequence of events for your carousel in order to move your audience through the story.

Ultimately, you want to keep the reader engaged and clicking through the entire carousel until the end. 

Develop a story that is right for the platform and evokes an emotional response from your audience.

My biggest tip: do not give a conclusion!

You want to leave the audience wanting more so that they are drawn to click the “learn more” button placed in the ad. 

Have you used Carousel ads on Facebook?

Comment below sharing your experience!

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