What’s new on Facebook: stay in the know

Have you heard about the newest features on Facebook?

Facebook has been rolling out changes that can make it harder for small businesses to capture the attention of their fans.

By staying in the know and taking action on these new features, small businesses can ensure that they are continuing to reach their desired audience and providing value.

For instance, individuals can now customize their newsfeed to prioritize updates from particular friends and pages.

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For small businesses (especially those with great content,) you want to encourage your fans to mark your page as “see first.”

Dark posts (also referred to as unpublished posts) on Facebook are another way that small businesses can grow their reach.

Dark posts allow you to use keywords for targeting, such as: nonprofit, volunteer or specific job titles.

Another feature of dark posts is that they don’t show up on your business page. This lets you target fan groups without ruining the professional look of your business page.

How can you make the most of dark posts?

  • Use analytics about your audience to create content that resonates with them and their interests.
  • Sticking to your core brand mission helps reinforce your unique value proposition in the minds of your audience.
  • Try using different pictures and keywords to target different segments of your audience. (For example, older women may be attracted to different images than younger women.) 

Another feature on Facebook (that is relatively new,) is audience and conversion pixels.

These pixels enable more accurate statistics and reports for how Facebook is driving traffic to your website.

Facebook is also testing new lead ads, but these are only currently available to a select number of business pages.

In summary, Facebook is continually adding and modifying its features and this affects your ability to reach your fans.

It is important to stay in the know on these evolving changes so that you don’t miss a critical opportunity to attract your ideal audience, build awareness for your brand and connect with your customers.

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