4 tips to improve your posting strategy

Do you want to improve your social media posting strategy?

It starts with a content editorial calendar.

A content editorial calendar is a critical component of any social media marketing strategy; it allows you to create a steady, valuable flow of content to share with your audience. 

A strong editorial calendar details what type of updates you’ll make, how often and at what times.

Below are four tips that you can use to improve your social media strategy through use of a content editorial calendar:

  1. Consistency: Posting updates on a consistent basis helps you stay top of mind. A content editorial calendar helps you stay on track to ensure you are posting to each channel on a daily basis. Best practices state, for best engagement, that you should post to: Facebook 1x/day, Twitter 1-4x/day, Pinterest 5x/day, Instagram up to 15x/day and LinkedIn 20x/month.
  2. Diversity: Through using a content calendar to plan ahead, you can see if you have any gaps for channels or specific types of updates in the calendar. For example, you don’t want to post 5 consecutive photo updates to Facebook; it’s smarter to post a photo update, then a link, then a video, and then perhaps another photo. A diverse content calendar will keep your audience engaged, interested and coming back for more.
  3. Testing: It’s important to test around different types of updates and different posting times. Don’t post to the same channel at the same exact time; change it up and see what works best and captures the most engagement. For example, try posting to Facebook on Wednesday evenings and/or Sunday afternoons. You should also try tweeting between 12-3 p.m. and/or 5 p.m. during the work week. See what the reach and engagement statistics are for these posts, and adjust your posting schedule accordingly.
  4. Promotion: When you introduce a new product or post a blog, be sure to promote it across your social networks at different times. The average lifespan of a tweet is only 18 minutes, which means only a small percentage of your followers will see your update when you first make it. That’s why you want to share the content again throughout the day, week and month. If it’s evergreen, be sure to schedule some promotional posts for months to come!

Finally, be sure to measure the response you get to the content shared.

See what types of updates, times and channels are providing you with the highest levels of engagement, and focus your efforts around those!

A strong posting strategy takes channel, update type, audience, frequency and timing into consideration.

By following the four tips above, you’ll be on your way to improving your social posting strategy, which will help you free up more time for engagement!

What do you think? Do you have tips to add to the list? 

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