Want to be popular on Pinterest? Here are a few tips and tools

Despite being one of my least favorite social media platforms, Pinterest continues to grow in popularity among women.

Pinterest also continues to grow in terms of functionality, and new tools are being introduced on a daily basis to help you manage and monitor your Pinterest following.

For example, Tailwind is a popular tool that provides scheduling as well as insights on the optimal times and days of the week to pin.

One of the reasons why Pinterest is so popular is because, like Instagram, it’s a visual platform.

People love visuals and that’s not going to change any time soon.

That’s why, regardless of whether you’re a “power-pinner” or not, it’s important to familiarize yourself with the benefits and features of Pinterest:

  • Promoted pins: Just like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, you can advertise on Pinterest through promoted pins. What’s great about promoted pins is that when they are shared from others, you aren’t charged! This means that if you have a loyal tribe of followers, your audience can do some of the leg work for you by sharing your promoted pins. Click here to familiarize yourself with Pinterest’s advertising standards.
  • E-commerce: Marketers can sell things directly from Pinterest, making it a valuable platform for product producers.
  • Analytics: Thanks to the analytics hub, you can see exactly what pins are the most popular. This information is hugely helpful in shaping your posting strategy. You can also access valuable information about your audience, as well as the average number of impressions and viewers you’re receiving on a daily and monthly basis.

It’s also important to keep in mind best practices, so that if you decide to take the leap and start utilizing Pinterest, you know how to set yourself up for success.

Below are a few tactics that I recommend you try to assist in your Pinterest strategy:

  • Be strategic about where you pin: Not all of your boards are going to have equal amounts of followers and engagement. Since clicks are the highest form of engagement on Pinterest, you want to pay attention to the boards that are driving clicks. If you want a pin to be seen and interacted with, it’s best to post it to a board that has a high rate of re-pins and clicks.
  • Be authentic: Authenticity is lacking on social media, which is why it’s so valuable. The more you can add your personal style and sense of humor into your pins and descriptions, the better they’re likely to perform. Make your descriptions fun, helpful and inspirational. How-to’s and step-by-step imagery is known to perform well, as do pins with strong calls to action.
  • Information to infographic: Infographics are super popular on Pinterest, so its always worth it to think outside of the box about how you can turn valuable information into an infographic.
  • Power pinning: Since industry experts recommend pinning at least 5 times per day, it’s worth it to dedicate a few minutes each day to plan your pins in advance and pre-schedule them or post them in real-time. I recommend using insights from the analytics to see which pins performed best, and re-pin those!
  • Promotion: When using promoted pins, it’s important to note that you can’t put promotional information in the image. However, you can add it to the description. You also want to be sure to use good grammar and relevant keywords to optimize the performance of these pins. Since pricing varies across devices, it’s worth it to do some testing before investing heavily into promoted pins.

There’s no doubt that Pinterest is a powerful visual platform.

Creating a strategy for how often you’ll pin, and what tools you’ll use, will help you save time in the long run. 

Position yourself to be popular on Pinterest by thinking now about who you want to connect to on the platform and what blog content your brand can adapt to be Pinterest-friendly.

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