Writing great blog posts: advice from Isabelle Roughol

I recently listened to Episode 7 of Glenn Leibowitz’s “Write With Impact” podcast, featuring LinkedIn Editor Isabelle Roughol.

The podcast was filled with Roughol’s insight and advice on content marketing, social media and best practices for utilizing LinkedIn Publisher.

LI publisherAfter listening, I left with 5 takeaways on how to leverage LinkedIn Publisher and maximize the reach of your posts:

  1. Headline: Headlines are the most important aspect because the headline determines who is even going to click on your post, let alone like it, share it, or comment on it. When crafting your headline, think about your target audience and what languages appeals to them. Similarly, think about the goal and value that you hope readers will get from your post and include that, along with keywords, into the headline. Finally, keep it short and sweet.
  2. Images: Along with headlines, images help draw people to your post. Low quality images are not only less likely to be clicked on, but using them decreases your credibility. Use the dozens of free image sources out there (such as Creative Commons) and be sure to only use photos that you have the rights to.
  3. Share: Don’t just publish your post on Publisher, share it with your personal and professional networks whenever you write a post that you think would resonate with them. Utilize your own social media networks to share the URL of the post. Finally, try tweeting LinkedIn Pulse; there’s a chance (if you craft your tweet well and include the URL to your post) that they’ll feature it on Pulse which would skyrocket the visibility of the post.
  4. Join LinkedIn Groups: There are dozens of groups and forums online, and in LinkedIn itself, that can provide tools, tactics and connections with others that can help you improve your writing. Don’t be afraid to reach out to people and ask for advice!
  5. Keep trying: Don’t give up if your first post only gets a few views. Keep creating valuable content that is relevant to the audience you want to reach and position yourself as an expert in.

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